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World Nomads




Beat CPA goal by

AdRoll Convert has been key to our growth online. The dashboard is clean, easy-to-use, and transparent—no data is hidden."

Brock Weaver, Digital Marketing Manager, World Nomads

World Nomads has been looking out for travelers (around the world) since 2002. AdRoll recently partnered with this travel insurance agency and has helped them see major growth. Check out their story below.

Growing north of the border

Looking to improve their online sales in Canada, World Nomads needed a reliable solution for bringing people back to their website.

Finding a multipurpose tool

By all accounts, Sydney-based World Nomads is growing into the company they’ve always aspired to be—serving travelers in over 150 countries. However, building on their initial success was something that digital marketing manager, Brock Weaver, knew he needed help with.

‘We hadn't been able to target the right audience, scale campaigns, or create the ads in a way we wanted to,’ Weaver says.

Our Growth Marketing Platform was the all-encompassing solution they’ve been looking for. ‘AdRoll’s hands-on approach with our campaign setup, unlimited reach to our customers, and a simple ad-creation process has provided the boost we need,’ Weaver says.

Telling a new story

Given the current digital landscape, World Nomads knew that they needed to position themselves as something more than a travel insurance agency. ‘One of our goals for the next 3 years is to develop into a well known travel lifestyle brand—beyond just insurance,’ Weaver says.

With our unfettered access to the places their customers are online, World Nomads is laying the groundwork to make this happen. ‘AdRoll has helped us avoid scalability issues,’ Weaver says. ‘Their reach is bigger than simply Google and Facebook. We’ve been able to leverage that to share our new brand story with more people.’

About World Nomads

Founded in 2002, World Nomads is a fast-growing online travel company that provides inspiration, advice, safety tips and specialized travel insurance for independent, volunteer and student travelers traveling and studying most anywhere in the world.

Their online global travel insurance covers travelers from more than 150 countries and allows you to buy and claim online, 24/7, even while already traveling.