The Abandoned Cart Recovery Playbook for Shopify Merchants

No matter your marketing expertise, company size, or product type, abandoned carts are inevitable when you’re selling online. Ecommerce brands lose a jaw-dropping $18 billion in annual revenue when shoppers fail to check out — but that doesn’t mean you should accept abandoned carts as a cost of doing business.

With nearly 70% of all online shopping carts abandoned, don’t wait to recoup your lost dollars and customers. Download this guide to:

  • Learn about the top abandoned cart recovery strategies for your Shopify store — ranging from low-hanging fruit to more sophisticated approaches 🧠
  • Get exclusive abandoned cart recovery tips and insights from three ecommerce marketing leaders 📈
  • See how Shopify integrations and tools can help win back lost customers 🔧
  • Check how well your current abandoned cart strategy is optimized 💸

Drawing from the combined experience of AdRoll, Yotpo and Cohley, this guide will arm you with proven strategies to tackle cart abandonment.

Ready to recover lost revenue and customers? Get the guide!