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Video ads being managed on mobile and desktop platforms.

Connect with consumers using visual storytelling

Convey more information in less time

Video ads are more versatile than other ad types — it’s easier to differentiate yourself from the competition or demonstrate how your product works in a short clip compared to a text-heavy ad or image.

Capture attention with motion and sound

Creating compelling, memorable content is the name of the game. Video ads use movement and sound to stop your audience in their tracks, leading to more clicks and conversions.

Flexible targeting

In-stream and out-stream placement options allow you to choose both where and when your video ad plays, giving you more control over who sees your message.

Video ads for every stage of the customer journey

AdRoll makes it easy to reach and engage your audience with video ads — from top-of-funnel to post-purchase.

Brand awareness

Get in front of ideal shoppers with brand awareness campaigns that bring them to your website or app for the first time.

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97% of shoppers don’t make a purchase on the first visit to your site. Use retargeting video ads that feature previously viewed products to remind them of what they liked and bring them back to buy.

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Victor Yacaman, Director of Ecommerce at Leonisa.
Victor Yacaman Director of Ecommerce
at Leonisa
“Video ads have significantly out-performed all of our other ad types. I love the support we get from AdRoll’s Dynamic Creative team to help us bring our vision to life.”

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  • OpenX.
  • Xandr.
  • Yahoo Exchange.

Expansive ad inventory at your fingertips

We partner with leading ad exchanges and publishers, giving you real-time access to display inventory across millions of brand-safe websites and apps.

All your digital campaigns — in one place

The days of logging into separate ad managers and manually cobbling together performance reports are over. With AdRoll, you can create, manage, and measure your video ads alongside display ads, native ads, social media ads, and email marketing. Save time and hassle while we connect the dots between cross-channel campaigns and help you maximize ROAS.

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