Case Study | Industry: retail


With AdRoll’s Brand Awareness solution, I'm able to bring new visitors to my site and expose my brand to a much bigger audience. Beyond that, AdRoll’s targeting capabilities ensure that we’re driving high-quality traffic, which has significantly increased engagement on"

Victor Yacaman, Director of Ecommerce

Leonisa Uses AdRoll Brand Awareness to Increase Reach and Engagement

Leonisa is a Colombia-based global company that manufactures and sells women's lingerie, shapewear, swimwear, men's underwear, and activewear for both men and women. Founded in 1956, this retail brand has skyrocketed in popularity across nine countries and counting. With a commitment to body positivity, Leonisa showcases models with different body types and embraces the diversity that encourages their customers to “reshape the way we see each other."

As Leonisa's Director of Ecommerce, Victor Yacaman has been using a cross-channel strategy to boost brand affinity. When he first discovered AdRoll, he was solely looking to re-engage high-intent visitors that have already shown interest and persuade them to purchase with display retargeting. After exploring the full capabilities of the AdRoll Growth Platform, Victor decided to also use brand awareness to reach and attract new audiences. As a result, Leonisa has increased their brand reach, drastically decreased their costs per click (CPCs), and increased their click-through rates (CTRs).

Full-suite of Products and Support

"AdRoll really is the full package – they provide the creative capabilities and support I need, insights into which channels are driving the highest impact, and allow me to test and continuously optimize my campaigns with ease."

With AdRoll, Leonisa can consolidate their marketing stack, which allows them to manage their entire customer journey from a single, centralized dashboard. This has made it easier for them to see which channels and tactics are delivering the highest ROI and to optimize their campaigns accordingly. With AdRoll’s advanced attribution dashboard, Leonisa is able to uncover how different traffic sources influence each other. This is especially important when analyzing how brand awareness campaigns are driving new visitors to their website who then convert through retargeting or other external sources.

Additionally, Victor has seen the value of AdRoll's AI technology, creative capabilities, client insights team, and account management. This full suite of services has provided Victor and his team the support and infrastructure they've needed to continuously test different ad creatives, which has made it easier to see what is and isn't moving the needle. The flexibility to adjust spend across campaigns enables Leonisa to spend more efficiently across their best performing campaigns.

Video Ads Drive Highest Customer Engagement

"Video ads have significantly out-performed all of our other ad types. I love the support we get from AdRoll’s Dynamic Creative team to help us bring our vision to life."

Video ads have been an important component of Leonisa's brand awareness efforts and have helped the brand embrace a full-funnel strategy. Victor and his team understood that campaigns going after new audiences needed to be focused less on conversions and more on engagement metrics. He knew that it was going to take more than a few touchpoints to convert an audience.

As a result, they utilized video in general look-a-like campaigns (serving ads to audiences that are similar to current customers) and contextual campaigns (only serving ads on websites that are deemed relevant to Leonisa) to great success.

The combination of this ad type and targeted brand awareness campaigns has consistently generated the highest customer engagement for their campaign, producing a CTR of 1.7%. For reference, the industry average is 0.08%. Additionally, video has helped decrease their CPC by 66% in just four months.

Personalized Campaigns with Contextual, Interest and Demographic Targeting

AdRoll’s advanced audience targeting provides both performance and precision to increase Leonisa’s brand awareness with the highest potential visitors. In addition to basic demographic segmentation, Leonisa went deeper by breaking out their campaigns and ad sets into different intent categories. As a result, they were able to personalize their strategy and messaging for each group.

For example, Leonisa targeted females who were interested in food, fashion, and home and created ads specifically for this segment. Additionally, they have a line of products specifically for men called LEO and used a behavioral segmentation strategy to target them. They used a combination of dynamic and video ad campaigns to drum up interest.

Leonisa's tactics were so successful at attracting the high-intent audiences that, on average, site visitors viewed 3+ pages each session. This engagement shows that they targeted the right audience, at the right time to drive high-quality new site traffic.


  • 66% decrease in CPCs in four months
  • 0.34% higher CTR when compared to industry average OR 424% increase in CTR (Click-through-rate)
  • Higher engagement on website leading to higher conversion rates