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Upgrade your social media advertising strategy.

AdRoll coordinates and streamlines ad campaigns across the most popular social media channels.

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One place to create, edit, analyze, and optimize across channels

Struggling to coordinate campaigns across multiple social platforms? How about keeping up with every new ad manager interface update? With AdRoll, spend less time managing campaigns and more time growing your business.

Find and retarget your ideal customers to drive conversions as they browse social media.

Run multi-channel campaigns to generate more ROI and create brand consistency.

Easily analyze results and make optimizations that boost performance.

Get more from your ads with less time and effort

Easily connect & import campaign data

Connect your ads managers to the AdRoll platform with just a few clicks. Once integrated, we run hourly imports of all your historical campaign data, audiences, and ads (from the last 12 months) to give you a comprehensive view of your current social campaigns.

Create & launch multi-channel campaigns

Say goodbye to spending hours building the same campaign in multiple ad managers. Save time and achieve better results by launching a single, cross-channel campaign that splits or allocates your budget across TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and the open web.

View & measure performance

Instead of manually exporting data from individual platforms, view campaign spend, revenue, CTR, and more KPIs across all your channels. Plus, get at-a-glance insights into which channels and campaigns are outperforming relative to spend.

Edit & optimize settings

Use performance data to adjust budget, bid strategy, and other settings so you can build on what’s working and change what’s not. Keep campaigns consistent by making edits across multiple channels, all from within the AdRoll platform.

Centralize your creative

Upload new creative assets directly to the AdRoll Ad Library and swap them into your imported campaigns. You’re able to store and access all your assets from a single creative library and easily upload them to multiple channels.

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Ramp up performance with dedicated support

Prefer to let a social advertising expert take the wheel? Work with a dedicated account manager who can optimize your campaigns, spot industry trends, hold weekly performance meetings, and more. Plus, get ad creative refreshes every quarter from our in-house creative team.

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