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AdRoll helps you reach new prospects at the right time, for the optimal price.

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Feed your marketing funnel using a strategy that fits your goals

1. Generate awareness among ideal prospects who aren’t yet familiar with your business
2. Bring prospects to your website or app to drive interest and consideration

Never overpay for ad impressions again

Once you select your campaign goal, our AI-powered bidding algorithm will do the hard work for you. Using 10+ years of industry, consumer, and historical performance data, BidIQ automatically bids on the most opportune ad placements for the best price, every time.

Meet new customers wherever they go

Run brand awareness campaigns across a variety of channels, including display, social media, connected TV, and more. Cast a wide net or get granular with targeting refinements like time of day, geographical location, or device type.

Target your ideal audience, your way

Contextual targeting

Showcase your brand alongside the content your ideal customers are already viewing. Just specify your audience preferences and our AI will automatically place your ads on the most relevant websites.

Lookalike targeting

Get in front of new contacts who behave like your current customers. Our AI places your ads in front of new people who visit the same websites, have similar online habits, and live in the same geographies as your existing customers.

Demographics & interests targeting

Plug in what you already know about your best customers — income level, interests, education, etc. — and we’ll find new prospects with those same characteristics. It’s an easy and effective way to not just drive more traffic to your website, but the right kind of traffic.

“We have been running Contextual targeting for many months. It allows us to appear on more premium placements targeting categories linked to Family and Parenting which ensures that we are bringing on new users of the right audience.”

Lyndal Eason

Lyndal Eason

Marketing Manager at Dinkleboo


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