Find new buyers with brand awareness ads

Feed your marketing funnel by familiarizing new shoppers with your brand and driving them to your site. AdRoll helps you target the right people, with the right ad creative, at the right time, for the optimal price.

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Brand awareness + retargeting ads: the one-two punch

Get them to your site, then retarget them until they buy. AdRoll brand awareness campaigns use machine learning AI to find and target people who are new to your brand. We bring high-quality prospects to your site, and then help you reach them again and again with retargeting campaigns.

Advanced targeting options for every stage of the customer journey

You choose your audience targeting strategy, and we’ll find your ideal shoppers.

Contextual Targeting

Contextual targeting attracts new site visitors by showcasing your brand alongside content your ideal customers are viewing. You specify your audience preferences, and our Natural Language Processing (NLP) AI will automatically place your ads on the most relevant websites. Best of all? Contextual targeting is future-proofed for when third-party cookies eventually deprecate.

Lookalike Targeting

Get in front of new contacts who behave like your current buyers. Lookalike targeting uses machine learning AI to put your ads in front of new people who visit the same websites, have similar online shopping habits, and live in the same geographies as your existing customers.

Demographic & Interest Targeting

No one knows your audience better than you do. With demographic & interest targeting, all you have to do is plug in what you already know about your customers — income level, interests, education, etc. — and we’ll find new shoppers with those same characteristics. It’s an easy and effective way to not just drive more traffic to your website, but the right kind of traffic.

We have been running Contextual targeting for many months. It allows us to appear on more premium placements targeting categories linked to Family and Parenting which ensures that we are bringing on new users of the right audience.”

bounce rate dropped 10%

If you need creative support, we’ve got you covered

AdRoll managed services can be an extension of your marketing team, offering in-depth brand consultations that ensure your ads look better and perform better than your competitors’. These ads retain style consistency with the rest of your company’s marketing.

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Hunter Evans, Performance Marketing Manager K9 Ballistics.
Hunter Evans Performance Marketing Manager
at K9 Ballistics
“Our AdRoll account manager helps us see better campaign results by bringing us tailored insights of our performance reports and sharing best practices. Being able to trust her expertise and recommendations saves our team time and resources.”

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Metrics that earn you more

Learn from what’s working. Use metrics to evaluate the value of your Brand Awareness campaigns and make changes to boost your return on investment:

  • New Visitors: Measure the number of new users, people who came to your site after clicking or viewing an ad, who had never been to your site before.
  • Engaged Visitors: Measure the number of visitors who viewed at least 3 pages after clicking or viewing an ad.
  • Daily Frequency (Web Campaigns): Measure the number of ads seen per day (impressions) by reached users.
  • Impressions: Measure when an ad is served.
  • Reached Users: Measure unique users reached.

For smaller websites

If you have low site traffic, you can still run AdRoll Brand Awareness campaigns. What's important is that we have enough information about your high-intent visitors. Your AdRoll Retargeting campaign provides the insight we need to build a strong campaign.

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