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What is the AdRoll Research Panel

As a member of the AdRoll Research Panel, you’ll help shape AdRoll by sharing your thoughts on new features and interacting with our product team to weigh in on how we can make them better to help you crush your goals.

We’ll keep you posted on an ongoing basis when product managers are looking for your feedback. Often these early features are still in active development, meaning your input directly impacts what we’re building.

How to get started

The Research Panel is open to all AdRoll customers and getting started is easy! Get involved by completing the sign up form.

What’s in it for you?

  • Influence the Roadmap

    Meet one-on-one with product managers and designers to share your insights and give direct product feedback.

  • Get Early Access

    Test drive the newest release, and get a headstart on optimizing campaign performance before everyone else.

  • Exclusive Benefits

    We want to amplify your success. Get free brand exposure by using AdRoll’s website (>1.4M pageviews/month), blog (60k readers/month), multimedia programs (up to 5k viewers/episode), and social following (~1M impressions/month) to share your story.

What to expect after you join

Keep an eye out for research invites

After you sign up, we’ll reach out when there are opportunities to provide direct feedback through surveys and one-on-one sessions with the product team.

Share your thoughts on new features

Join AdRoll’s Research Panel

The Research Panel is open to all AdRoll customers, get involved by completing the sign up form.