Audience segmentation platform to understand your audience more effectively than ever

AdRoll Unified Contacts and dynamic list builder both power hyper-personalized marketing across ads and email for both identified and anonymous contacts. Communicate better with your shoppers and drive more sales.

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AdRoll creates dynamic lists that grow revenue

Target your customers and prospects with ultimate precision

AdRoll allows you to track the behavior of identified contacts as well as the activity of anonymous contacts that you haven’t met yet. This means that when a visitor signs up for your newsletter — if they’ve had previous interactions on your website — we’re able to preserve that relationship history so you can use it for targeting.

Learn from your contacts’ behavior

Using the list builder functionality, you can create defined segments based on your contacts’ attributes and behaviors, using multiple criteria, from products and pages viewed to emails they have opened. Target everyone you want and exclude the everyone you don’t.

Launch both ad and email campaigns using your dynamic list

Keep your marketing strategy consistent across your touchpoints. Reach your customers both on the web and in their inboxes.

Seamlessly integrate your list

AdRoll Unified Contacts makes it easy to integrate any existing customer database, add to it by easily defining characteristics of new contacts you want, and then manage them all in one place.

Harness the power of your Shopify integration

Leveraging your Shopify data, AdRoll shows how shoppers engage with your store and identifies top spenders and cart abandoners. With Shopify integration, event-level insight has never been more comprehensive.

What makes us different?

Only AdRoll provides reach across multiple social platforms, for both identified and anonymous contacts. AdRoll segmentation for ads and email lets you launch advertising and email marketing directly from the AdRoll platform. Through our social media advertising tool, you can launch ads across platforms all within AdRoll– no manual exporting required.

Lyndal Eason
Lyndal Eason Marketing Manager
at Dinkleboo
“We have been running Contextual targeting for many months. It allows us to appear on more premium placements targeting categories linked to Family and Parenting which ensures that we are bringing on new users of the right audience. This year in Australia, we have had a bounce rate that is 10% lower via audiences from contextual targeting vs. other strategies. It allows us to stay contextually relevant.”
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