Seamlessly integrate with your ecommerce platform.

AdRoll leverages data from your ecommerce store to personalize the marketing experience and turn casual browsers into loyal purchasers.

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Get set up in minutes

Connect your ecommerce store to your AdRoll account in just a few clicks. Once connected, we’ll place our pixel across your site so we can create key audience segments, import your product feed for dynamic ads, and track revenue driven by AdRoll campaigns.

Solve for cart abandonment

Remind shoppers of the products they love and earn 2X more clicks with dynamic ads. Our AI-powered predictive engine targets consumers with ads featuring previously viewed, recommended, or popular products.

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Attract new shoppers with brand awareness campaigns

Choose from advanced targeting options to drive site traffic and feed your marketing funnel. Worried about staying within budget? Our bidding engine uses over a decade of purchasing data to find the ideal ad placements for the best price.

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Understand what’s moving the needle — and what’s not

Measure campaigns holistically with a full suite of reporting, cross-channel attribution, and benchmarking tools. We’ll pinpoint which channels and campaigns are making the most impact so you can adjust your budget accordingly.

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Customer Stories

See how brands just like yours partnered with AdRoll to overcome challenges, hit their goals and grow.