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How Audio Plugin Deals Grew Efficiently with AdRoll + WooCommerce

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Founded in December 2016, Audio Plugin Deals (APD) is an online store dedicated to providing the best music software production deals anywhere online. APD is divided into two main stores: “The Deal” and “The Shop.”

The Deal section offers bargain-priced, limited-time sales promotions, and The Shop is a marketplace where customers can purchase sample libraries and audio plugins previously featured in The Deal store, along with additional products from partner developers.

16.9x ROAS 2022 BFCM campaign

6.4x ROAS over the last year

🤔 Challenge

When Audio Plugin Deals first launched, the APD team knew they had something special on their hands. But with a niche product, the team needed to make sure they could get it in front of just the right type of music enthusiasts to drive sales. To grow visibility, APD first started advertising on Facebook and Google. While Facebook worked well, they found Google difficult to manage and began looking for an alternative advertising solution. The team also determined they wanted an advertising platform that could help them discover new, relevant shoppers in addition to retargeting existing customers.

💡 Solution

In spring 2017, APD selected AdRoll as their marketing and advertising solution. Over the last 6+ years, they’ve run several types of brand awareness and retargeting campaigns. Using AdRoll’s analytics and reporting tools and insights from their Account Manager, APD has been able to optimize their campaigns and find what works for their unique set of products.

“Retargeting ads are important because they perform the best for conversions, but brand awareness ads using contextual targeting are also valuable because they provide new customers who can be retargeted later. It's important to find a good balance between both types of campaigns.”

—Yemi Adejuwon, CTO of Audio Plugin Deals

As a WooCommerce merchant, APD also took advantage of the new AdRoll + WooCommerce integration when it launched in the summer of 2023. The integration gave them access to Enhanced Conversion Tracking — a feature that lets the team see revenue associated with each sale and which campaign it is attributed to. That revenue data informs KPIs like ROAS, a performance metric that is crucial for accurately comparing and optimizing campaigns.

As part of the integration, AdRoll also automatically imported APD’s WooCommerce product feed. These product images and descriptions can be used to serve up highly relevant, dynamic ads to shoppers who engage with APD products.

A Word From Our Partner:

“WooCommerce is proud to have helped Audio Plugin Deals succeed with AdRoll marketing. WooCommerce's flexible and scalable platform gave Audio Plugin Deals the foundation they needed to grow their business, and AdRoll's powerful retargeting and audience segmentation capabilities helped them reach their target customers and drive more sales. We're excited to see what Audio Plugin Deals accomplishes next with WooCommerce and AdRoll.”

📈 Results

Between the APD team’s savvy marketing skills and AdRoll’s robust advertising capabilities, incredible campaign results continue year over year.

Over the last 12 months, APD’s retargeting campaigns averaged a 6.4x ROAS, with the lowest performing campaign still boasting a 5.9x return on ad spend. And, their 2022 BFCM campaign topped performance results with a 16.9x ROAS.

“AdRoll has been the best performer for us. On average, the performance of AdRoll beats out every other channel that we have used.”

—Yemi Adejuwon, CTO of Audio Plugin Deals

In addition to revenue achievements, APD also benefits from having an AdRoll Account Manager who can help navigate them through new features, support budget allocation, and optimize their campaigns. APD is also able to take advantage of the easy-to-use AdRoll dashboard to create new ads whenever they want (which they do almost daily).

“We’ve grown to be the 2nd largest marketplace for music production software. We aim to become the largest and are quickly moving towards that goal.”

—Yemi Adejuwon, CTO of Audio Plugin Deals

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