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Volcanica Coffee: Managing E-Commerce and Company Growth

Evi Katsoulieri

Product Manager @ AdRoll

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As you probably know (because we've been excitedly talking about this for weeks now), a thrilling journey is afoot. We're following the progress of the Volcanica Coffee and Payton Jewelry teams as they begin to use the new AdRoll E-Commerce Marketing platform — and it's time for episode 2 of our Volcanica Coffee series! 🔥

A quick recap on Volcanica Coffee: they're committed to providing the most quality gourmet coffee from volcanic regions around the world, offering over 130 exotic-tasting coffees that'll satisfy any coffee connoisseur. 

Image: Volcanica Coffee

In short: everybody loves a good cup of coffee. ☕️ This is why, while it's been a rollercoaster year for e-commerce, Volcanica Coffee has been riding the wave and seeing an increase in demand. By boosting sales through targeted web advertising and increasing their production capabilities, they're one step closer to becoming a national consumer brand. 

Get your popcorn ready — in this week's episode, you’ll discover: 

  • How they've incorporated Shopify and automation into their growth plan.
  • How being an online e-commerce business helped them flourish during COVID-19 compared to offline-only retail brands (for context, in the last two months, they've exceeded their volume by 3x compared to the previous year). 
  • Why "letting go" and delegating is key to business acceleration.
  • And more! 

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