Turn data into revenue with an everything-you-need analytics solution

Get consolidated reporting, cross-channel attribution, performance insights, and benchmarking — all from a single dashboard. AdRoll makes it easy to measure campaigns holistically so you can optimize for ROI.

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A dashboard of analytical data.
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Take the guesswork out of campaign planning

Robust reporting

Get performance breakdowns and suggestions based on your ads, campaigns, audiences, and conversions. Export high-level overviews, granular metrics, or custom reports that align with your definition of success.

Cross-channel attribution

If you're only comparing raw metrics reported by your individual marketing channels, you're only getting half the story. AdRoll provides deduplicated, UTM-tracked attribution so you can feel confident about which channels and touchpoints are actually driving conversions.

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Benchmark against competitors

See how your campaign metrics compare to other brands — inside or outside of your industry — over the last 30 days. We help you understand relative performance so you can adjust your goals and campaigns accordingly.

We merged dynamic ads to push our Valentine’s collections with a video campaign. Having the video in a banner ad made a massive difference in new audience acquisition. Our clickthrough rates and CPAs were just incredible."

AdRoll customers make $165B in sales every year

Put yourself in customers' shoes. Our digital marketing dashboard helps you:

Build your audience

Using our pixel and machine learning data engine, we create optimal audience segments based on behavior and interest. Already know who your best customers are? Input custom audience parameters and we’ll continually add users who fit the bill.

Follow the customer journey

In a glance or with one simple download, get a visual report of customer touchpoints on their path to conversion.

Get the most out of your budget

Receive proactive insights — like top-performing campaigns and channels — so you can optimize in real time.

“With AdRoll we got visibility into all our channels. AdRoll’s measurement and reporting tools allow us to track the path to purchase across all of our various channels.”

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