Make better budgeting decisions with cross-channel attribution

Unlock the attribution data you need to inform optimal budget allocation — so you can get the most out of every marketing dollar.

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Attribution you can trust

Marketers who use last-click attribution have a clear picture of where conversion journeys successfully end. What they don’t see? Every touchpoint that happens before and contributes to the conversion.

AdRoll cross-channel attribution visualizes your marketing funnel so you can identify how and when each of your channels is making an impact.

Un-silo your marketing metrics

Save time and frustration by centralizing performance data from across your marketing stack. View campaign metrics from your ads, email, and SMS platforms alongside northstar revenue and conversion metrics from your ecommerce store, CRM, or Google Analytics.

Get the full performance picture

Our pixel-based attribution provides a deduplicated view of the activities that are delivering and assisting conversions. See how your channels are working together to increase revenue — and which channels are over-reporting or claiming too much conversion credit.

Evolve your attribution model

Choose to filter your data through your preferred attribution model, or test a different model without having to commit to change. AdRoll lets you freely test, compare, and explore how different attribution models define success and align with your goals.

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“I love the fact that with whatever campaign, we can instantly see the results and understand what’s working. I can dig into the why, how to improve, and get instant gratification.”

Adam Lasky, Director of Marketing, TeePublic

Adam Lasky, Director of Marketing, TeePublic