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Enhance Customer Targeting and Boost Conversions With the New AdRoll + WooCommerce Integration

Lindsay Duggan Martinez

Principal Partner Marketing Manager @ AdRoll

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We’re excited to announce our new partnership with WooCommerce, the popular open-source eCommerce platform for WordPress that helps merchants build successful businesses for the long term!

The AdRoll + WooCommerce Partnership 

AdRoll and WooCommerce have come together to help our shared customers easily leverage their store data to create highly personalized marketing campaigns, ultimately boosting sales and driving more revenue. Our new integration, or extension, is a game-changer for all those busy marketers and merchants looking to get started with personalization, but but don't have the time for multi-day onboarding.

“We are excited to bring AdRoll’s proven expertise in retargeting and cross-channel marketing to our merchants,” said Steve Deckert, Interim VP of Strategic Partnerships at WooCommerce. “The integration helps them leverage their data to create personalized campaigns that increase sales and revenue, and we are looking forward to seeing the results our merchants will achieve with AdRoll's platform.” 

Benefits of the AdRoll + WooCommerce Integration

With the integration, customers gain access to the data and tools they need to design tailored advertising and email campaigns that convert shoppers.

Unlock shopper data from your store

Your store sees everything your shoppers are doing, and with the help of the AdRoll pixel, you can easily store and leverage that data to influence shopper behavior. To ensure that you’re accessing the most up-to-date information possible, the data gathered by the pixel is imported into the AdRoll platform in real time.

When downloading the AdRoll + WooCommerce integration, the AdRoll pixel is automatically placed on all pages of your website — no need for developer support. 

Retarget mid and high-intent shoppers

Now that you’re tracking how shoppers are interacting with your store and your products, you can use the integration to create segments (or audiences) that you are most interested in retargeting.

You could start off by creating an audience that targets shoppers who visited the page of your most expensive product, or you could choose to cast a wider net and create an audience for anyone that visited your store but didn’t make a purchase — with the data the AdRoll pixel provides, you can test these audiences and various others to discover what is the most successful for you and your store.

Increase conversions with highly personalized ads

Creating and targeting these audiences are essential steps, but it’s serving up compelling and engaging imagery and messaging that is going to convert these shoppers into customers.

When the integration is downloaded, the AdRoll platform automatically imports your product feed. Those images and descriptions are then used to serve up highly relevant ads and emails to the shoppers that engaged with those products.

Run multi-channel campaigns with marketing automation templates

The only thing easier than setting up an AdRoll marketing campaign is using one of our marketing automation templates (or “recipes”) to do it for you.

These recipes provide guided setup experiences to help you tackle top marketing objectives like converting cart abandoners. The automated flows utilize the audience segments created by your integration to retarget shoppers, using a strategic combination of display ads, social ads across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest, and email.

How to Get Started 

The AdRoll for WooCommerce extension is available now and can be easily installed in minutes. Learn more about the integration and how to get started here.

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