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How AI Email Generators Are Helping Email Marketers Boost Productivity

Lauren Hernandez

Sr. Product Manager

In today's digital era, email marketing remains a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their audience, nurture potential and existing customers, and ultimately drive conversions. However, crafting engaging and personalized email content can take time and is often resource-intensive. This is where AI comes into play, revolutionizing email marketing and boosting productivity for marketers.

If you’ve been eager to integrate AI into your workflow, we’re going to cover the basics of why and how to best use these tools to your advantage.

How Do AI Email Generators Work?

AI writing for email marketing uses natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to analyze large amounts of text data to understand patterns, structures, and common elements of email communication. Email generators are often based on language models like GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) or similar architectures.

Here’s a quick, 3-step overview of how they typically work:

  1. Input processing: A marketer provides an input prompt. The email generator then tries to understand the context, usually via tokenization–splitting the input into individual words.

  2. Generation: The model uses its understanding of the context from the input prompt to generate the email copy. This is done by sampling or predicting the most likely words or phrases to form a complete response or suggestion that aligns with the intent of the marketer.

  3. Fine-tuning: Some email generators might provide a fine-tuning process where they provide a more narrow set of results based on additional, relevant details. This could include things like the type of business, industry, goal of the campaign, or preferred writing style.

Why Use an AI Email Generator

AI text generation models are growing in popularity because they assist email marketers in writing content by providing relevant suggestions, generating catchy subject lines or even drafting email body text in multiple languages and writing styles. This can be used to generate initial drafts, saving time and effort in the content creation process. 

Leveraging this advancing technology increases productivity and allows email marketers to spend more time focusing on strategic initiatives, creative tasks and achieving better results for their email marketing efforts. This increase in productivity ultimately has the ability to cut operational business costs, too. In fact, a 2022 Statista report found that 51% of the respondents saw the cost of their organization’s operations reduce by more than 20% after incorporating AI in email marketing.

There are also several other benefits to using AI text generation to help email marketers complete their day-to-day responsibilities:

  • Ensure consistency in tone and voice. With enough context, writing with AI can help ensure you don’t stray from your corporate brand guidelines and produce copy that is consistent.

  • No more writer’s block. Get out of creative ruts to come up with unique content! AI text generators can help get your creative juices flowing by bringing new ideas to the table. Then you can focus on editing and refining the copy instead.

  • Creating content more quickly means you can scale your email marketing program faster. Roll out more automated workflows and send more one-time campaigns to increase the exposure of your brand and re-engage your audience.

What Can You Do With an AI Email Generator?

Looking for some words of inspiration to kickstart your creative writing process for marketing emails? With AI technology you can generate text that helps you get out a first draft faster. It’s simple–start with a prompt and watch as copy suggestions appear within seconds. Available for subject lines, preheaders and email messages. Plus, it supports all languages!

We’ll use AdRoll’s Creative Partner as an example to show you how you can take advantage of this new technology.

Craft compelling subject lines

When building out an email message in AdRoll–whether for a one-time newsletter or automation–simply use prompts to generate suggestions for your subject line or preheader. These are vital parts of any campaign because it’s the first thing recipients see when it lands in the inbox. 

To use this handy helper simply take the following steps: 

1. Once your in an email campaign, click to edit your subject line or preheader

2. Select the AI icon within the field

3. Tell AdRoll what the goal of your campaign is with a prompt and be specific!

4. Select a Writing Style that matches your brand voice

  • Casual

  • Formal

  • Humorous

  • Sincere

  • Informative

5. Decide if you’d like to include an eye-catching emoji

6. Click to generate your results!

7. Choose the option that meets your needs and tweak your prompt to generate another set of results

Screenshot of the AdRoll Creative Partner in action for subject lines and preheaders in emails.

The AdRoll Creative Partner in action for subject lines and preheaders!

Create quality email messages

AdRoll allows email marketers to create high-converting campaigns quickly with flexible templates that use our easy drag-and-drop builder. Also browse through premade templates by category that are fully customizable with no code required, so you don’t have to be a designer to create an email message that delivers top results. 

We’ve made it even easier to tailor your message for the right audience with an all-new AI Text Block. This content block offers high-impact text suggestions based on your brand, product and the goal of your campaign using prompts.

To use AdRoll’s Creative Partner, simply take the following steps when in our email builder:

1. On the right side of the builder, make sure you are in the Content tab.
2. You’ll see a range of content blocks available. Find the AI Text block and drag it into your email.

3. In your email, click to Add AI-Powered Text.

4. Tell AdRoll AI what you would like to write about and be specific! This context will be used to prompt AI when generating results.
5. Select a Writing Style that matches your brand guidelines and voice

  • Casual

  • Formal

  • Humorous

  • Sincere

  • Informative

6. Select a Paragraph Length

  • Short

  • Medium

  • Long

7. If the email you are editing is a part of pre-built automation, you may also choose to incorporate the goal of that series, such as cart abandonment.
8. Click to Generate
9. Text will be generated for you in seconds. Select the text you’d like to use or click to Regenerate more suggestions.
10. Once you select text to insert into your email template, you can make any edits needed. Adjust the text to meet your needs and ensure it’s styled to match the design of the rest of your template.

Screenshot of the AdRoll Creative Partner for generating email content.

The AdRoll Creative Partner in action for email content!

AI Email Writing: Do’s and Don’ts

When using AI to generate email marketing copy, there are several do's and don'ts to keep in mind. Remember, AI is a tool that can support your marketing efforts and make your writing process more efficient but, it’s important to balance it with human expertise, creativity and strategic thinking!

Below are some guidelines to help you make the most out of AI-generated text.


  • Know your objective: Before using AI to generate marketing copy, establish clear goals and objectives for your campaign. This will help the AI system understand the desired outcomes and produce more relevant and effective copy.

  • Train the AI on quality data: To ensure the AI-generated copy is of high quality, train the model on accurate and reliable data. Use a diverse range of samples that align with your brand voice and target audience to improve the system's understanding of your business and its unique needs.

  • Provide clear instructions: Give specific prompts to the AI system regarding the tone, style, and content you want in your marketing copy. Clearly communicate your brand guidelines.

  • Review and edit the output: Even though AI-generated copy can save time and effort, it's essential to review and edit the output before finalizing it. AI can produce content that is grammatically correct but can lack coherence or context. Human oversight is crucial to make sure the copy aligns with the goal of your message.


  • Rely solely on AI-generated copy: While AI can be a valuable tool, it should not replace human creativity and intuition entirely. Always involve human copywriters and marketers who can add their expertise and creativity to the process.

  • Neglect legal and ethical considerations: Ensure that the AI-generated copy complies with legal and ethical standards. Avoid using copyrighted or plagiarized content and be mindful of AdRoll’s prohibited content policies.

  • Assume perfection: Although AI has made significant advancements and is great for generating ideas, it’s not flawless. Expecting perfect results from AI-generated copy may lead to disappointment. Instead, embrace the technology's potential but be prepared to fine-tune and enhance the output manually.

Power Your Email With AdRoll Email AI

If you’re looking to kickstart your creative process, overcome writer’s block and get to your first draft quickly, AdRoll’s AI-powered tools can help you get there. From subject line recommendations to email message text with language consistency, these tools are transforming the way email marketers create and deliver campaigns. By harnessing the power of AI, email marketers can now boost productivity, enhance engagement, and drive better results in their email marketing efforts. Learn more about using AdRoll’s Creative Partner to improve your email marketing.

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