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The AdRoll + Klaviyo Integration: Elevate ROI and Enhance Customer Experience

Lizzie Chapman

VP of Partnerships and Channels

Boost your ROI and deliver a seamless customer experience with the new AdRoll + Klaviyo integration!

Today we announce an exciting new partnership and product integration with Klaviyo — an intelligent marketing automation platform for email, SMS, and push notifications.

The AdRoll + Klaviyo Partnership

Considering the essential marketing channels that Klaviyo offers, it’s only natural that we would partner together to enable our co-customers to create a more complete omnichannel marketing strategy with AdRoll’s best-in-class display, native and video ads. 

With these four key marketing channels in place and all working together via the AdRoll + Klaviyo integration, our customers can now easily build fully integrated marketing campaigns that deliver personalized messages to qualified buyers.

"We're excited to partner with AdRoll to help Klaviyo customers expand their cross-channel marketing capabilities and improve campaign performance with personalized ads,” said Rich Gardner, SVP of Global Strategic Partnerships at Klaviyo. “Together, these channels help brands build stronger customer relationships and create a more seamless customer journey."

Leverage the Power of First-Party Data

The AdRoll + Klaviyo integration enables you to to sync your Klaviyo lists and segments with your AdRoll account to dynamically target your subscribers with personalized web ads. This direct connection allows you to:

  • Increase return on ad spend (ROAS) by targeting highly-qualified buyers to drive higher conversions. 

  • Improve the customer experience with consistent, tailored messaging across channels. 

  • Save time by automatically keeping advertising audiences up to date — no more manual list uploads.

  • Glean insights with cross-channel reporting to understand how your campaigns work together.

Drive More Sales With AdRoll + Klaviyo

Here are some real-world examples of how the integration enables you to create campaigns that keep your customers coming back.

Retarget your site visitors and cart abandoners

When 97% of first-time visitors don’t purchase and over 88% of shoppers abandon their carts, retargeting ads coupled with email + SMS campaigns help turn browsers to purchasers.

Convert one-time shoppers to repeat purchasers

Improve your order repeat rate by targeting customers with complementary products or items ready for replenishment. Using your subscription integration, create segments of one-time purchasers and target them with ads to become subscribers for increased lifetime value.

Reward high-value customers with special offers

Leverage your loyalty integrations, like and Yotpo, to serve ads to your best customers with exclusive promotions and rewards. Bonus: Use AdRoll’s Yotpo integration to highlight reviews in your ad creative for social proof!

Get Started

As it becomes more and more challenging to reach and retain customers in this current economic landscape, AdRoll and Klaviyo enable you to meet those customers where they’re at with consistent and tailored messaging that converts.

And with the AdRoll + Klaviyo integration, it’s easier than ever — just sign up or log into your AdRoll account to get started.

Get set up here

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