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Burke Decor




AdRoll really helped us capture a broad range of the market and target specific audiences within it. We became smarter marketers in the process."

Erin Burke, Founder and President, Burke Decor

Burke Decor has become the chic boutique for interior decorators and do-it-yourselfers. Check out how they reimagined their vision of the future with the AdRoll Growth Marketing Platform.

Curating a brand experience

Looking to broaden their appeal to new audiences, Burke Decor needed help from AdRoll to build brand recognition and engage with customers across multiple online channels.

Cashing in on their marketing

Burke Decor has evolved over the past decade. They started as a small design-oriented boutique and now feature over 80,000 items on their site. However, founder and president, Erin Burke, understood that as her business grew her audience would have to as well.

‘Boosting our brand awareness was priority number one. The math is simple—the more people know about us, the more business we do,’ Burke says.

With the AdRoll Growth Marketing Platform, they found the perfect tool to execute their ambitious goals. ‘We’re getting great results from marketing online with AdRoll,’ Burke says. ‘The money we’re putting into these campaigns has generated a lot revenue. We’re going to double down on our online marketing investments.’

Finding their audience

Casting a wide marketing net is great when you want to maximize your reach, but it can also lead to some inefficiencies. ‘We were having a difficult time identifying high-intent customers because our campaign data was not centralized,’ Burke says.

With AdRoll’s integration for Shopify-powered stores, we made it easy for Burke Decor to capitalize on this customer interest by giving them a full view of their customers. They then used that knowledge to advertise to customers who were most likely to buy their products. ‘Being able to target specific audience segments was a dream come to true,’ Burke says. ‘AdRoll’s transparent and excellent reporting made it possible.’

About Burke Decor

Burke Decor, founded in 2007, is one of the most comprehensive sources for home furnishings and decor items online. They offer an extensive compilation of furnishings, home-improvement products, and fixtures available through their online boutique.