Industry: Retail apparel

Use Case: Convert website visitors

Integrations with AdRoll: Shopify

Dermalogica Case Study Breakdown

Skincare brand, Dermalogica, had been primarily running campaigns featuring static display ads and were looking to improve their brand awareness, engagement, and, ultimately, customer acquisition. In their experience, static ads had a tendency to get lost in the shuffle. With the help of AdRoll, they found a more dynamic solution: video. On their most recent video campaign, they saw stronger video completion and average click-through rates.

Since incorporating video ads:

0.42% better average click-through rate for video ads vs. static ads
40% video completion rate

Key Takeaways

  • Keep video ads short and concise—a maximum of 15 seconds.
  • Make them active: incorporate sharp content grabs, add lots of movement, and include subtitles if audio is used.

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