AdRoll’s extensive account support, along with their creative capabilities is a huge resource for our team and allows us to focus more strategically on business growth."

Yoshit Taneja, Marketing Manager, (HERE Technologies) Optimizes Return on Ad Spend

Founded in 1985 and considered a pioneer in location technology, parent-company HERE has evolved into a global 8,000-person business, working with companies all over the world to design and build innovative navigation systems and applications. As the world of digital mapping explodes, (powered by HERE) is ready to explode with it, well-positioned, and poised to shape the future of the industry. To reach a growing list of potential customers, the marketing team at runs scaled retargeting programs to engage users expressing interest in their brand. To get the best return on their advertising spend, uses AdRoll. The AdRoll Growth Platform helps them segment, run, and track their digital campaigns, providing valuable insights and data for converting website visitors into customers. can optimize their marketing budget by knowing which channels and conversion paths have the most impact on revenue.

Excellent Strategic and Creative Support

"Our account manager provides valuable support with strategic planning and campaign spend optimization."

Responsible for managing digital campaigns and driving online traffic and purchases, the marketing department at relies on a strong partnership with AdRoll for strategic advice and support. The team leans in on AdRoll’s digital marketing expertise to help guide their growth strategy, from budget recommendations to analyzing industry benchmarks to ensure is staying ahead of the curve. By working closely with AdRoll’s Dynamic Creative team, the HERE team can keep their ad sets updated, which helps to drive a consistent return on ad spend.

Since partnering with AdRoll, has made significant progress in expanding their reach and introducing the brand to new audiences and opportunities for growth.

Manage Multiple Campaigns From One Dashboard

“Seeing all of our campaigns in one dashboard gives us a holistic view into what’s working, what’s not, and allows us to better optimize our campaigns.” runs several campaigns targeting shoppers across different car manufacturers, so seeing all of their campaigns through a single dashboard is extremely valuable. With the AdRoll platform, can seamlessly coordinate their marketing efforts across these different websites, making it easy to compare performance and adjust accordingly. They can segment and reach audience groups across a broad spectrum of car brand make and models, delivering tailored messages to the groups that have previously shown interest by visiting the website.

Gaining a holistic view of their customer journey makes it easier for the team to understand how their campaigns are working together to drive revenue. By unifying their data through AdRoll’s dashboard, can make smarter decisions on their advertising spend, with a clear view into how each touchpoint is influencing behavior.

Useful Insights Lead to Smarter Decisions

“AdRoll offers robust and transparent analytics, making it easy for us to make data-driven decisions about our digital marketing strategy.”

Using the AdRoll Growth Platform, the marketing team at can test messaging and track responsiveness and interest in real-time. With the reporting dashboard, their team can quickly identify the things that are resonating amongst their customers so can pivot and revise their creative ad sets accordingly. The team can also drill down into audience groups, providing data to effectively retarget visitors with relevant messaging and strategic ad placement. Ultimately, this leads to an improved customer experience and, more importantly, increases their customer lifetime value (LTV).


  • Optimized marketing budget
  • Improved ROAS
  • Eliminated repurposed ad campaigns