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Our customers live in a multi-screen world and engage across multiple devices. We wanted to create a seamless experience, regardless of device."

Casey Ueberroth, CMO, Preferred Hotels & Resorts

Creating a memorable experience

Preferred Hotels & Resorts needed a partner that could deliver traffic and boost bookings for promoted hotels. AdRoll felt right at home.

Building awareness, nurturing customers

Partnering with AdRoll, Preferred Hotels & Resorts launched demand generation campaigns to reach prospective vacationers who hadn’t yet heard about Preferred Hotels & Resorts’ destinations. These campaigns drove brand awareness and brought new traffic to the website. A complimentary demand generation program used retargeting to engage users throughout their vacation research process and offer promotions to drive bookings.

Casey Ueberroth, CMO for Preferred Hotels & Resorts, comments, “AdRoll’s campaign performance of 13.4x ROI is impressive. They’ve helped us attract new customers who weren’t aware of our brand or our hotels while improving our conversion rate and lowering our costs per booking.”

Cross-platform, cross-device performance

While potential customers spent time researching various destinations and running price comparisons, Preferred Hotels & Resorts wanted to promote special offers for the locations customers were interested in visiting. The company noticed that prospective vacationers were using smartphones, tablets, and the web interchangeably, so its team worked with AdRoll to promote highly targeted ads across all devices.

With AdRoll’s reporting, Preferred Hotels & Resorts could reallocate budget toward the highest-performing websites, devices, and operating systems. Ueberroth explains, “We know our customers are engaging with us across multiple devices. With AdRoll, we had visibility into which platforms and devices were driving more conversions.”

About Preferred Hotels & Resorts

Preferred Hotels & Resorts represents more than 650 independent hotels and resorts in over 85 countries, promising an inspiring vacation experience to every guest.