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It’s never about how AdRoll can make more money, but how TeePublic can reach their goals. We’re working with a real partner—our interests are put first."

Adam Lasky, Director of Marketing, TeePublic

TeePublic has been the marketplace of choice for the world’s best independent t-shirt artists. For the past few years, they’ve partnered with AdRoll to turn their advertising into a growth machine. Check out their story below.

Extending the conversation

Looking to combat their high bounce rate, TeePublic needed to find a way to reach customers outside of their website.

Changing their approach

TeePublic are currently working on a plan to expand their business beyond only selling t-shirts. However, developing a mature marketing and advertising strategy to support this was something that director of marketing, Adam Lasky, knew he needed help with.

‘95% of our audience only visits once per day. We were leaving a lot of revenue on the table by not capturing them right then and there,’ Lasky says.

That’s where AdRoll came in. We partnered with the TeePublic team to ensure that these visitors weren’t getting lost in the shuffle. ‘AdRoll extended our time frame with our site visitors,’ Lasky says. ‘Now we can talk to our audience even after they’ve left the site.’

Making growth easier

TeePublic was trying to navigate through the murky world of digital marketing. They had to jump through hoops (e.g., sign into multiple accounts, dig through complicated reports) just to get a full view of their advertising.

We offered TeePublic the most comprehensive solution and support out there. ‘AdRoll has been a game changer for us,’ Lasky says. ‘The difference between them and other platforms is their attention to detail and translating that into growing revenue for us. We’ve seen a huge amount of Rev & ROI across web, social, and email.’

About TeePublic

TeePublic is a digital marketplace where independent artists and influencers from around the world can sell their designs. To date, over $5 million has been paid to artists for their designs.