Case Study | Industry: b2c

Total Ink Solutions

The retargeting campaign has been a huge success and a huge part of our growth."

Michael D. Savino, Marketing Director, Total Ink Solutions

Orders Spike for Total Ink Solutions

Founded in 2011, Total Ink Solutions has evolved from a small screen-ink manufacturer in Hackensack, New Jersey to an established and respected one-stop-shop for the entire screen-printing industry. Total Ink products are available in screen-printing shops all over the world and the brand has a reputation for quality, reliability, and excellent customer service. Total Ink Solutions needed to think of new ways to attract new shoppers to their website, and convert those shoppers into customers. To do this, they partnered with AdRoll to take their digital campaigns to the next level. AdRoll helped Total Ink increase traffic to their website and segment the visitors so they could customize their messaging throughout their entire customer journey. With AdRoll’s help, Total Ink saw a big bump in orders and a great return on their advertising spend.

Customize Ads and Track Conversions from One Platform

“Collecting and tracking audience behavior allows us to segment our consumers into groups and make a bigger impact with our advertising message.”

AdRoll helps Total Ink Solutions drive more sales with high-performing campaigns and an easy-to-use centralized dashboard. Total Ink Solutions uses the AdRoll integration with Magento to track customer behavior and collect variables to segment them into target groups. This allows them to enable ROI tracking across all advertising and marketing campaigns, and make constructive adjustments and changes based on a single set of data points. Total Ink Solutions is transitioning to AdRoll’s Shopify Plus integration to help drive even more sales in 2020.

Gain Actionable Insights to Uncover New Leads

“We are currently using the retargeting system and building valuable data for finding new leads”

With the Magento integration and ability to segment in a single dashboard, Total Ink Solutions can dive deeper into performance by segmentation. They can test different messaging and creative styles, introduce new products, and understand what really resonates with different audience segments. In an evolving and growing industry, this helps Total Ink Solutions determine what is and isn’t working, stay ahead of consumers’ needs and preferences, and follow new leads through to conversion. The insights gained from tracking campaigns across consumer groups translates into knowing how to communicate with different segments in emails and on their website.

Build Deeper Customer Relationships

“Tracking consumer journeys gives us data we can use to anticipate what clients will look for in the future.”

As marketing director, Michael handles website operations and oversees marketing strategies. The AdRoll Growth platform gives him valuable data to understand what messages and offerings are working well with different audience groups. The insights he gets through lifecycle management tools and customer journey mapping help Michael reach and communicate with his customers in a deeper way. Understanding their motivations and anticipating their needs is critical for Michael, who also leads the product development team.


  • 200+ new orders compared to same time period last year
  • Strong ROI