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Increase in qualified leads


Reduction in CPL


Our client was running basic search, email, and direct mail campaigns for high-end events with mixed results. I told them I could bring in AdRoll to run programmatic and growth campaigns that would generate more leads, at a fraction of the price. Now, I’m running their email, search, and doubling up on AdRoll in other areas for their business."

Greg Morris, Co-founder, Webicans

For over a decade, Webicans has been providing top-notch services to clients across industries and verticals. Recently, they reached out to AdRoll to expand their agency services. See how we helped them do just that below.

Deploying a comprehensive strategy

Webicans was already providing traditional digital, media buying, and performance marketing services on and off-line, but they wanted to expand their digital offerings.

Reinventing their agency

With more and more of advertising shifting over to digital, it has become imperative for agencies to keep up with the changes. Webicans co-founder, Greg Morris, understood the importance of expanding their suite of products to keep up with the industry.

‘Given the state of digital marketing, you have no choice but to evolve. I’m someone who is constantly reinventing himself. If you’re not moving forward, you risk being left behind,’ says Morris.

Morris turned to AdRoll to expand Webicans offering. As a result of partnering with us, they were able to incorporate a full-funnel digital marketing strategy that worked cohesively across web, social, email, and beyond. ‘AdRoll has been great in moving us past just direct mailers and other traditional (non-digital) marketing strategies. By making real investments in digital, we’ve been able to lower the median cost of our CPA by $400 per lead,’ says Morris.

Instilling customer confidence

As an agency veteran, Morris understood the importance of having the trust of customers. Without it, you’re toast. ‘I have to be able to sit across from a potential customer and get them to trust that we have the capability to realize their ambitions online,’ Morris says.

The team at Webicans were able to get the support and expertise they needed in order to do just that. ‘Onboarding was super easy. AdRoll’s team of account managers gave us all the resources we needed to move ahead,’ says Morris. ‘As a result, we’ve been able to show our clients that we know what we’re doing. AdRoll is flexible and allows my customers' digital marketing to be executed across the web, not just on Facebook & Google. This has helped us expand our relationships with existing clients.’

About Webicans

Webicans, founded in 2007, is an advertising agency that provides strategic performance-based marketing, campaign development, and execution oversight to start-up, scale-up, and rapidly growing ecommerce clients.