The Abandoned Cart Recovery Guide

During the second half of 2020, online shopping cart abandonment rates in the ecommerce industry jumped from a years-long equilibrium of 70% to 88% where they remain today. While stuck indoors, many people passed time with online window shopping and adding items to online carts that they never expected to buy.

In spite of the jump in shopping cart abandonment rates, the ecommerce economy grew 33% in 2020. Shopping behavior changed immensely, so ecommerce merchants need to change tactics to stay competitive. Reducing cart abandonment rates on your ecommerce store and recovering purchases from shoppers that previously abandoned will put your business ahead of the trend.

Download The Abandoned Cart Recovery Guide to learn how to:

  • Eliminate Negative Checkout Experiences and Lower Friction
  • Understand and Address Shopper Motivations for Abandonment
  • Reduce Cart Abandonment with Psychological Cues
  • Increase Purchase Rate on the First Visit
  • Increase Purchases by Encouraging Return Visits
  • Leverage ecommerce Marketing to Increase Your ROI

Laid out with easily referenceable section summaries that expand into tactical detail, The Abandoned Cart Recovery Guide offers the strategies you need to thrive in the new ecommerce-first world.

The Abandoned Cart Recovery Guide