Advertising Trends and Best Practices in the Travel Industry

How Strategy and Digital Transformation Can Combine to Generate Targeted Campaigns Across Channels

We partnered with Worldwide Business Research to survey leaders from travel and hospitality organizations about how they use technology as part of their digital advertising strategies.

35% of survey participants said the biggest challenge they face is keeping up with changing technologies.

Like so many other verticals, the travel industry is experiencing a digital transformation that is fundamentally reshaping the way businesses operate and engage with customers. But with change comes challenges — including adopting new technologies, cybersecurity threats, integration of legacy systems, budget constraints, and so on.

In this report, learn how new digital trends are shaking up the travel industry and how brands can overcome challenges with solutions like AI and machine learning, integrated marketing platforms, and targeted ad campaigns.

Download the report to get access to full survey results and discover how travel brands can enhance their tech stack to achieve operational excellence.

Advertising Trends and Best Practices in the Travel Industry