Diving Into Digital: Bringing Offline Brands Online

You know the saying, "first impressions are lasting impressions"? Well, the reality for brands is that to make a lasting impression, it's critical to have a presence in the digital sphere. Why? Because, on average, internet users spend almost 7 hours online each day, and online shoppers make up 26.28% of the world. To skip out on building a digital presence is a massive missed opportunity for locating new prospects and engaging audiences.

While moving online can seem like a daunting step for many brick and mortar businesses, it doesn't have to be. We put together Diving Into Digital: Bringing Offline Brands Online to help you get started.

Download our eBook to learn everything you need to know about setting up and managing an ecommerce store, including:

  • The types of ecommerce platforms to select from and the pros and cons of each.
  • Product considerations for moving online and understanding which products will sell.
  • Key differences between in-person and ecommerce customers.
  • How to build an ideal customer profile (ICP) to find the right customers.
  • How to put together an online customer acquisition plan with paid and unpaid strategies.
  • How to set up an in-house fulfillment center to get your products into the hands of customers.
  • And more!
Diving Into Digital: Bringing Offline Brands Online