The Ultimate E-Commerce Brand's Guide for Growth in 2021: Q1

As 2020 comes to an end, we can all confidently agree that this has been the year of digital acceleration, with shoppers adopting new online behaviors and expectations. Though no one is certain about when life will return to normal, we know one thing: 2021 will be a pivotal year for brands to recoup lost value. They must master their digital channels to stay competitive — and it all starts with building an effective website.

That’s why we’ve created The Ultimate E-Commerce Brand’s Guide for Growth in 2021: Q1. This guide gives ecommerce marketers and brand managers a detailed plan of action to grow in the New Year, specifically focusing on website optimization for Q1.

Within this guide are monthly and weekly actionable tasks and planning notes to help you prepare for growth:

January: SEO Planning

  • Week 1: Refresh your marketing strategy
  • Week 2: Conduct website audits
  • Week 3: Set goals and keywords
  • Week 4: Develop a content strategy

February: Content creation

  • Week 1: Onboard your content creators
  • Week 2: Start creating content
  • Week 3: Plan link building opportunities
  • Week 4: Review and prep your content

March: Site

  • Week 1: Optimize key pages
  • Week 2: Tackle the technical SEO basics
  • Week 3: Implement site improvements
  • Week 4: Consider off-site improvements (and think about what’s next!)
The Ultimate E-Commerce Brand's Guide for Growth in 2021: Q1