UTM Management for Beginners

No matter where you are in your ecommerce journey, you’ve likely amassed a lengthy dictionary of abbreviations: ROI, PPC, CPC, and SEO, among many others. Now it’s time to add one more: UTM.

If you haven’t heard, third-party tracking cookies are out, and UTMs are in — offering marketers a way to strategically track and measure performance without sacrificing user privacy.

Whether you’re reading this with bewilderment and wondering what UTM even stands for or you’re familiar with the basics but need help getting started, this video-packed guide explores everything you should know about UTM, including:

  • URL basics for UTM parameters
  • Dynamic UTM value parameters
  • How UTM tracking helps ROI
  • The four steps to building a UTM strategy
  • How to measure your performance
  • And more!
UTM Management for Beginners