Boosting Retention and Loyalty Beyond the Holiday Season

6-Step Playbook to Retain & Engage Your Customers for Long-Term Business Growth

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest shopping days of the year, so it’s no wonder that most businesses focus their marketing efforts on the lead-up to that and how to best prepare. But what happens after the holidays are over? How do you keep the momentum going to convert your leads that didn’t complete a purchase and turn your new customers into loyal repeat buyers even after the rush of BFCM is done? This webinar is dedicated to low-effort, high-impact strategies that you can implement to keep customers coming back to your website well beyond November 23.

You’ll learn a 6-step playbook to:

  • Turn holiday buyers into loyal, repeat customers
  • Convert browsers into buyers with advanced retargeting ad strategies
  • Re-engage visitors with high-converting ad and email retargeting strategies
  • Leverage AI and analytics for effective upselling and cross-selling

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View on-demand

Original Live Date:
November 30, 2023

Larry Kim - CEO & Founder @
Lizzie Chapman - VP of Partnerships & Channels @ AdRoll
Boosting Retention and Loyalty Beyond the Holiday Season
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