CTV: The Marketer's New Playground

What is connected TV (CTV)? Do I need to invest in it? How does it fold into my existing ad strategy?

You know having a strong marketing mix is critical to your brand's success, but when a new channel enters the market it can be a challenge to determine how it fits into your existing strategy.

Join Diksha Dua, Product Manager at AdRoll, as she dives into the world of CTV. We'll start with the basics of what CTV is (and what it isn't), before walking through how it can be used to compliment your existing digital advertising strategy. You'll leave this session ready to lead the conversation on CTV for your brand.

Key Takeaways:

  • What CTV is and how is it used as a marketing tool today.
  • The difference between CTV, traditional linear TV, and display video ads.
  • Opportunities for CTV: audience targeting, complimenting your existing display strategy, and more!

Webinar Type:
View on-demand

Original Live Date:
May 28, 2024

Diksha Dua - Product Manager at AdRoll
Sam Varga - Sr. Manager, Global Field Marketing at AdRoll
CTV: The Marketer's New Playground
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