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Specialized Bikes gave their marketing a digital touch—resulting in a 7% increase in customer retention and a 25% boost in direct traffic conversions.

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Jackson Zilko
Digital Specialist

Jackson Zilko, Digital Specialist at Specialized.

Kicking their marketing into high gear


Specialized had cultivated a large following over the decades, but this didn't stop them from reaching for new heights. The bicycle brand made a huge investment in digital marketing.

Jackson Zilko, their digital specialist, was in charge of overseeing the transition to digital. With thousands of different products and even more customers, this was easier said than done.

That’s where AdRoll came in. Jackson received support on everything from ad creative, audience segmentation, to budget allocation for each channel. As a result, he had more time to focus on big-picture strategy and to learn about his customers. The shift in direction proved to be the right call. Specialized boosted customer retention rates by 7% and direct traffic conversions by 25%.

With AdRoll paving the way, Jackson rode his way to creating his #DareToGrow story.

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Bringing their success to life with AdRoll

An example ad for Specialized.

Improving their creative

Jackson’s account managers help him figure out which type of ads work best with each audience and decide which changes to make to current ad creative.

Several people interested in the same bicycle.

Segmenting their audiences

By placing the AdRoll Pixel onto their website, Jackson automatically creates audience segments based on shoppers' online behavior.

A bar chart trending upwards.

Investing in the right channels

AdRoll’s attribution dashboard not only shows Jackson which channels his marketing dollars should go towards, but which touchpoints are driving the most impact.