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TeePublic’s holiday campaign crushed Adam’s initial sales targets by 2x—giving him the confidence to tackle more ambitious goals.

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Adam Lasky
Director of Marketing,

Adam Lasky, Director of Marketing from TeePublic.

It’s the most profitable time of the year


The holiday season is crucial for TeePublic since they make most of their revenue during this time of year. To capture the most online sales, TeePublic heavily invested in a holiday marketing campaign.

Adam Lasky, director of marketing for TeePublic, knew that this campaign—his first with the company—had to attract low-, mid-, and high-intent shoppers and get them all to make purchases.

AdRoll helped Adam target the right shoppers, make on-the-fly campaign adjustments, and get the most bang for his marketing buck. As a result, Adam smashed his initial holiday sales projections by 2x.

With AdRoll there every step of the way, Adam pushed through initial fears and doubts to create his #DareToGrow story.

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Bringing their success to life with AdRoll

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Delivering strong ROAS

TeePublic uses AdRoll’s AI technology to deliver the best return on advertising spend (ROAS) by finding the right shopper, at the right time, and at the optimal price.

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More loyal customers

With AdRoll’s help, TeePublic utilizes dynamic ads—ads that feature previously viewed, recommended, or top products—to bring previous customers back to their website.

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Shareable insights

The AdRoll Growth Marketing Platform gives Adam the ability to create custom reports (which highlight key metrics) and flex his marketing muscle with other stakeholders at TeePublic.