Blazing a new holiday marketing trail

Hours before Cyber Monday, Topo Designs reimagined their entire digital campaign to drive the most online sales in the brand’s history.

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Abby Czarniecki
Digital Marketing Analyst
Topo Designs

Abby Czarniecki, Digital Marketing Analyst from Topo Designs.

Scaling the ecommerce mountain top


The sales numbers weren’t looking good for Topo Designs. With Cyber Monday 10 hours away, the apparel brand was facing the reality of months of hard work and resources going down the drain.

Abby Czarniecki, digital marketing analyst for Topo Designs, had to act fast. The brand’s yearly revenue goals were tied to the sales driven by this Cyber Monday campaign.

With AdRoll helping her reach shoppers and drive site traffic, Abby was free to focus on a new strategy. She devised a surprise-and-delight campaign that gave shoppers an even better deal than originally advertised. The results were HUGE—delivering the most online sales to date. Topo Designs has built on the success of this campaign to drive a consistent 7.6x ROI.

With AdRoll backing her every step along the way, Abby scaled her marketing peak to create her #DareToGrow story.

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Bringing their success to life with AdRoll

A sample ad for Topo Designs.

Boosting website traffic

Topo Designs gets major clicks and real website traffic by using AdRoll’s AI technology to serve relevant ads across top sites, social, email, and beyond.

A blue hiking pack from Topo Designs.

Reaching the right people

With AdRoll’s help, Topo Designs have generated 7.6x return on their marketing dollars by reaching people who already know about their brand.

A bar graph trending upwards.

Understanding marketing’s value

Abby goes through the results of all of Topo Designs’ marketing campaigns to see which ads are bringing in the most value to their bottom line.