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What Google's delay of third-party cookie deprecation on Chrome means for AdRoll customers

AdRoll has been actively involved in conversations about phasing out third-party cookies in Google Chrome. While browsers like Firefox and Safari have existed without third-party cookies for a while now, Google last week announced it will delay the deprecation of third-party cookies in Chrome until the second half of 2024. This delay from Google signals a strong commitment to preserving the vitality of the open web and consumer privacy while working alongside the advertising ecosystem.

Today, many AdRoll solutions already operate without third-party cookies across email, contextual targeting, API integrations on partner platforms — including Shopify — and lookalike targeting. By adding multi-channel solutions, we help brands diversify and enhance their marketing across web ads, email, and social walled gardens. These cross-channel campaigns strengthen engagement experiences and are proven to work better than siloed ones. On average, shoppers are twice as likely to purchase products when engaged in a coordinated fashion (ads + email) and make their purchases twice as fast. With shopper journeys growing in complexity, AdRoll will continue to create even more synchronized cross-channel experiences. This is not only the future for our product roadmap but for all marketing automation as well.

Independent of Google’s extended timeline, AdRoll continues to focus on building first-party technology and data solutions that are good for consumers and good for ecommerce brands’ growing relationships with their customers. 

To stay ahead, we are active participants in recurring meetings with industry leaders, Google and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). We’ve already begun to shape the future ecosystem by being early testers of current solutions, including FLEDGE (interest-based targeting on Chrome), FLoC (machine learning-driven cohorts), and the conversion measurement API (conversion measurement on Chrome). By focusing on being early adopters, we are ensuring that our customers will be leaps and bounds ahead of the pack when it comes to other alternatives and solutions for a post-third-party cookie world.

AdRoll is dedicated to leading our customers toward more privacy-first practices for their customers and businesses before the 2024 deadline. We will continue to offer ecommerce marketing insights, solutions, and best practices for our customers who wish to get ahead in future-proofing their business.

To learn more about what you can do for your business now, follow the AdRoll blog for the latest updates and actionable tips.