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Declutter Your Data to "Spark Joy" in 2021

Laura Smous

Senior Director of Product Marketing @ AdRoll

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Customer data is integral to e-commerce marketing and driving revenue — yet brands that collect this information from touchpoints throughout the consumer journey often end up with customer intel stuck in silos and duplicated conversions between channels. The cost of this can be staggering in terms of productivity. Marketers can waste precious hours searching for information across databases, lose sight of the bigger picture through information overload, and struggle to set priorities or determine next steps. 

Information collection once promised to revolutionize the industry. Why does it feel like we’ve just become data hoarders, instead? 

If you’re feeling lost at sea when it comes to your customer information, it’s time for a deep cleaning. AdRoll can declutter that data for you, by combining it across channels, devices, and creative types into a single source of truth. Think of us as the Marie Kondo of digital marketing.

With AdRoll, you’re forever rid of analysis paralysis  —  that feeling when you have so much data, you don’t know what to do with it or if you should even trust it. By bringing your marketing data into our centralized platform, you can generate easy-to-interpret insights and then utilize the best marketing mix to engage the most valuable shoppers while backing up your marketing investments.

We’ve long known the customer journey isn’t linear. In fact, no two customer journeys are alike anymore, so there is no singular analogy for the user experience. So how on earth do you determine what marketing efforts contributed to a sale when every single conversion has a unique path behind it? Check out our ultimate guide to building a brand!

Crystal Clear Campaign Attribution

Let's face it: Many marketing channels and platforms have their own theory of data analysis and contribution. How do brands determine what’s right? 

Numbers don’t lie. Our dashboard attributes conversion credit to the marketing channels that actually influence customer decisions in real time, enabling you to quickly determine how each touchpoint impacts your overall goals and creates lasting relationships. As a result, you can try out different attribution models to see what works best and then easily apply the attribution model that’s right for your brand.

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For instance, our campaign attribution tool helps determine which channels influenced the sales cycle, helping you make more informed marketing decisions later on. Though we offer default models, you can customize the lookback windows and compare strategies, such as blended and linear.

Once you set up a conversion audience in AdRoll, campaign attribution shows top contributors to your actual site conversions so you can make smart decisions based on your campaign mix. You can drill down conversion paths within your full-funnel strategy between campaigns, ad types, ad groups, and geo-location. This is where the benefits of data decluttering go from calming to transcendent:

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Seeing the Bigger Picture

Our cross-channel attribution features provide a holistic view of more than 40 marketing channels — including Google, Facebook, Mailchimp, and HubSpot.

Simply tag the channels you’re using, and we do the rest, ingesting spend and conversions to compute campaign performance, which we then display in an easy-to-understand graph. Adjust this graph by spend versus ROAS, revenue, or assisted conversions to see how the changes impact overall performance. Once again, you can get more granular by channel, campaign, ad group, or device.

You can also display a graph, which depicts spend by attributed conversions to easily identify your highest-performing marketing channels and where you may want to scale spend. With this capability, you can get week-by-week performance insights to make quick decisions and reduce spend in lower-performing campaigns to best utilize your budget, impacting your bottom line effectively with value-based data rather than transactional data.

In addition, the notes feature allows marketing teams to easily communicate and stay aligned while sharing data and campaign changes. That’s a superior alternative to relying on a shared spreadsheet and weekly meetings to sync up on campaign changes. The notes feature also allows teams to have deeper conversations during meetings to further contextualize campaign changes when they see spikes or dips in performance.

Thanks to this cross-channel view, you’ll see which conversion paths are most effective, along with additional insights that help scale campaigns to make quick budget adjustments easier. As a result of a more holistic view of the customer journey, you gain additional insight into how campaigns work together to drive revenue.

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You have more customer data than you know what to do with. If you’re ready to clean up your act and put that information to good use, let AdRoll help you tidy up

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