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Shopify Agencies: An Overview

Wilson Lau

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Shopify can be an excellent resource for small businesses looking to transition to the online selling space. With the help of Shopify, thousands of brands have been able to launch online stores that skyrocket their sales. Additionally, these small businesses have an unparalleled return on investment (ROI) thanks to the professional guidance of Shopify agencies.

Certain Shopify agencies have become go-to experts for online selling. These companies help business owners launch an online brand that creates social buzz and attention, while Shopify makes it easy to manage ecommerce transactions and create a compelling storefront. Agencies can help optimize growth on Shopify by focusing on brand management, SEO marketing, digital and social marketing, and website design. With the guidance of these experts, Shopify can become a worthy investment for any business owner looking to boost their brand.

Here are the top 10 Shopify agencies:

1. Arctic Grey

Arctic Grey has quickly become a Shopify agency expert. Located in New York and California, the company specializes in site speed enhancements, product page optimization for better conversions, shopping cart and cart drawer upsells, and more. They are Shopify award winners in development and review and currently have over 500 five-star reviews.

To date, Arctic Grey has helped its customers gain over $575 million in revenue, and they offer a “try before you buy” model. In addition, their fully-functional web page drafting feature allows customers to feel out potential designs and provide them with a functional concept for their new page. 

With Arctic Grey, Shopify sites get an award-winning design and development team on-demand and at their fingertips when they need them the most. Clients are assigned a project manager who helps them plan, design, develop, launch and market their brand. The company also offers custom website design that stands out from the competition. 


ELMLNTL is a Shopify expert located in New York, Dallas, Denver, Sao Paolo, and Manila. They offer specialties including branding, website design, advertising, social media, and influencers. Additionally, their online social presence provides Shopify customers with access to extensive knowledge to help drive success.

ELMNTL focuses on a multicultural approach. They work with companies including the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the Singapore Tourism Board, and The Halal Guys, which exemplify their mission. This strategy exposes them to a broad client base and diverse experiences that can benefit many brands. 

3. Bad Rhino

Bad Rhino is another digital marketing and social media strategy agency that can help your company get the most out of Shopify. The company is located in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and their extensive expertise helps scale-up companies whose revenues have declined or flatlined.

This agency promotes their ability to customize and execute in-depth marketing plans so their clients can hand over lead generation activities to the Bad Rhino experts. These marketing plans include social media as a tool to increase engagement and interest in the brand. And they offer tailored programs to each of their clients to help them become experts in their field.

Bad Rhino also offers website design, touting their extensive brand research skills and ability to create effective and welcoming websites. With their experience in design, development, and testing, Bad Rhino offers extensive knowledge and resources to their customers.

4. Think Renegade

Located in Toronto and New York, Think Renegade has quickly become a Shopify expert. Their focus is primarily on digital advertising and email marketing, two strategies that many small business owners can use. Think Renegade is one of the leading agencies on Shopify that helps companies improve their return on investment (ROI). This extensive focus on analytics and data provides their customers with a basis for conversions, enabling them to minimize spending while maximizing profits.

Think Renegade offers a free revenue projection program, which sets them apart from other agencies and adds real value to brands on Shopify. This program helps small businesses visualize their growth and retain clientele. The agency also specializes in meaningful content-based marketing that encourages engagement and produces competitive ROI results.  

5. Kazoo Media

Located in Kansas City, Missouri, Kazoo Media specializes in strategic business and media planning. Their team of experts is dedicated to helping small businesses create direct-to-consumer marketing plans and an active social media presence. The company also focuses on particular niches, enabling them to dive deeper into value-added content strategies and successfully increase traffic to Shopify sites. 

6. Stylophane

Stylophane stands out on this list because of its fashion focus. Located in New York, West Palm Beach, and La Jolla, Stylophane specializes in digital marketing and financial and social analytics. They work across various social platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube, to drive traffic to Shopify sites.

Stylophane helps its clientele with social media advertising and email marketing that is tailored to the fashion niche. The agency’s creative content and management services provide clients with exciting posts that promote engagement from existing fans and new audiences.

7. Cake

Cake specializes in branding, business development, and marketing for retailers. With over 20 years of experience, their team of experts has a long history of helping brands launch, re-brand, and grow.  From their trendy studio in Birmingham, UK, the Cake team works with clients to build enticing and successful brands on the Shopify platform. The company has created over 50 websites on the Shopify platform and recorded more than 10,000 hours of learning in the last five years, so they know what it takes to turn a Shopify novice into an industry-leading online brand.

8. Lamb Agency

The Brisbane-based Lamb Agency has a proven track record of success, boasting an average 36% increase in conversion rates for all Shopify sites it launched in the past two years. The agency’s focus on ecommerce strategy has translated into significant revenue growth for its clients. In the past couple of years, Lamb Agency clients have enjoyed a collective revenue growth exceeding $10M.

Lamb believes that to achieve revenue growth, brands must first create a solid Shopify foundation. As a result, they have instituted a four-part growth strategy for new clients. First, they create a rewarding user experience, so store visitors develop a positive brand perception. Second, they establish clear brand positioning so that customers know who the brand is and what they stand for. Third, Lamb Agency addresses website performance by ensuring that website speed is as fast as possible to optimize SEO performance.  And finally, they enhance the mobile version of the site, which is one of the most effective methods to increase online revenue.

9. Web Bureau

Belfast-based Web Bureau is a full-service ecommerce agency specializing in building websites and apps designed for growth. Once they have clients up and running, the experts at Web Bureau use data to analyze customer journeys, optimize sales funnels, and monitor the check-out process to ensure peak performance.

Unlike more specialized firms, Web Bureau can grow brands across multiple platforms. In addition to Shopify, they can help their clients succeed on Amazon, eBay, and Google Shopping. They are committed to being a 360-degree solution, guaranteeing their clients take advantage of every ecommerce opportunity.

10. Story of AMS

Story of AMS is dedicated to redefining the way that consumers buy online.  They aim to do this by analyzing the structure of ecommerce shops and optimizing them for functionality and profitability. The result is an ecommerce experience that attracts, engages, converts, and retains customers. 

As a certified Shopify Plus partner, the experts at Story of AMS know how to employ the right mix of research, design, content, and technology to help their clients grow and scale. Based out of Amsterdam, the Story of AMS team has been employing something called headless ecommerce, which separates the front and backend systems of ecommerce websites. This strategy enables clients to use the strengths of Shopify while also leveraging other platforms for functions such as content management.

Final Thoughts 

Shopify agencies are a substantial asset to ecommerce companies. However, they are not all created equal. So, it’s important to check their reputation and fit with your business goals. The right agency will know what it takes to get your brand’s name out there and have the skills to help your company thrive online.

If you want to learn more about how to optimize and improve your Shopify marketing, check out our resources below!

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