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TikTok Competitor Audit: A One-and-Done Template

Lindsay Duggan Martinez

Principal Partner Marketing Manager @ AdRoll

So, you’ve finally succumbed to the buzz about TikTok and want to jump in and build a home for your ecommerce brand on the platform. Before you can create content destined to go viral — or start brushing up on your dance moves — it’s critical to research what your competitors are doing.

Trust us: Conducting a competitor audit will save you countless hours of stalking random accounts and slipping into the TikTok void of endless content. Much like other types of marketing, the best way to rise to the top is learning from your competitors, adopting their winning strategies, and beating them at their own game.

We’ve created this handy template to help you stay organized as you sneak peeks into what your competitors are doing. (Psst: If they’re avid TikTokers, you can stay sane by only auditing their content from the last 30 days.)

Pro tip: If you’re ready to put your new insights to good use, don’t forget to check out AdRoll. Once integrated with your online store, you can create, manage, and optimize your TikTok campaigns plus your other social ads, display ads, and email, too.

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