Brand awareness strategies to get noticed by good customers

Your ideal customers are out there—and a lot of them. Our brand awareness recipe makes it easy to get their attention and increase sales.

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Find more customers like your VIPs

AdRoll audience targeting works with our AI to create awareness with the right shoppers, in the right place, at the right time, to get new high-quality traffic to your site.

Get the recipe for getting noticed

Zero in on shoppers likeliest to buy

Make a beeline for your best customers, get them invested in your brand, and find more like them to invite in. Our demographic, context, interest, and lookalike targeting make it simple.

Engage audiences everywhere they go

AdRoll’s brand awareness tools give you access to the largest web and social platforms, plus millions of other websites and mobile apps, putting your brand front-and-center across display, video, native, social, and mobile ads.

Use email and work smarter, not harder

Get more from your ads by adding email to the mix. Only AdRoll predicts the best ways to reach shoppers you’ve met—with email—and shoppers you haven't (yet!)—with ads—wherever they are online.

Optimize in real time, all the time

AdRoll gives you the power to continually increase growth, by letting you track campaign performance across audiences and attribute success to the right channels and tactics, across all your campaigns.

Consistent presentation of your brand across channels can up revenue by 33%.

How to boost brand awareness with AdRoll


1. Learn about your best customers to find more of them

2. Distribute ads aimed at ideal customers, everywhere

3. Highly qualified shoppers meet your brand, visit your site

4. We surface what works, so you can keep improving

Our recent introduction into 4 new markets has increased revenue from social platforms 388%. In that same time, we dropped our new audience acquisition cost 78%, rapid growth that let us increase our paid media budget 80%."

Lounge Underwear's
new audience acquisition cost decreased 78%

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