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AdRoll simplifies paid advertising by streamlining your digital campaigns across Instagram, other popular social media channels, and the web.

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Instagram ads being managed on mobile and desktop platforms.

One place to create, edit, optimize, and measure across channels

Struggling to consolidate your cross-channel reporting while keeping up with every new Instagram update? With AdRoll you can spend less time managing campaigns in Ads Manager and more time growing your business.

Find and retarget your ideal customers to drive conversions as they browse Instagram

Run multi-channel campaigns to generate more ROI and create brand consistency

Easily view the impact of your campaigns, deduplicate conversions, and compare against other channels

Get more from your ads with less time and effort

Easily connect & import

Connect your Ads Manager account to the AdRoll social media advertising platform with just a few clicks. Once integrated, we run hourly imports of all your historical campaign data, audiences, and ads (for the last 12 months) to give you a clear and complete look into your current Instagram strategy.

Create & launch multi-channel campaigns

Tired of spending hours building the same campaign in multiple ad managers? Save time and achieve better results with a single, cross-channel campaign. Launch new campaigns that split or allocate your budget across TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest (as well as web ads) directly in AdRoll.

View & measure performance

Dig deep into campaign analytics with AdRoll’s customizable cross-channel marketing dashboard. Instead of manually exporting data from individual platforms, view campaign spend, revenue, CTR, and more KPIs across Facebook, the web, and other social media platforms — from one screen. Plus, get at-a-glance insights into which channels and campaigns are outperforming relative to spend.

Edit & optimize settings

Use performance data to adjust budget, bid strategy, or other settings so you can build on what’s working and change what’s not. Keep campaigns consistent by making edits across multiple channels, all from within the AdRoll dashboard.

Centralize your creative

Upload new creative assets directly to the AdRoll Ad Library and swap them into your imported Facebook campaigns. You’re able to store and access all your assets from a single creative library and easily upload them to other digital marketing channels like display or TikTok.

Ready to streamline your marketing and maximize returns?

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Michael D., Digital Marketing Manager, Small Business.
Michael D. Digital Marketing Manager,
Small Business
“The bulk uploading feature is one of my favorite features on the platform. It makes creating new ad campaigns quick and easy. Instead of uploading my web ads, then my Facebook ads, and then my Instagram ads, I can upload everything all at once.”

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What is an Instagram ads platform?

An Instagram ads platform is a third-party software tool that allows marketers to create, manage, measure, and optimize Instagram campaigns outside of the native Facebook Ads Manager (Instagram is owned by Facebook).

Why should I use a Facebook ads management tool?

Facebook Ads Manager continues to expand on its depth of features, which makes using the platform effectively and staying up to date with its capabilities difficult for marketers.

Facebook ads tools are designed to make managing Facebook campaigns easier and less time consuming. Platforms like AdRoll assist with audience segmentation, campaign configuration, and reporting so marketers can spend their time on higher-value tasks while still growing revenue.

Why should I use an Instagram ads management tool?

An Instagram ads management tool relieves the burden of learning every detail and new feature of Instagram’s native ad manager while making it easier to view the impact of your campaigns.

Additionally, some Instagram ads management tools like AdRoll also integrate with your other advertising channels and platforms, like display, TikTok, email, etc. By housing all your campaigns in one place, you unlock better insights into how your campaigns perform together and which strategies produce the best results.

What if I need help designing my Instagram ads?

AdRoll offers creative services with certain tier packages. This can include design consultations and regular refreshes of both static and dynamic ad sets.