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The AdRoll Difference: Setting New Standards in Digital Advertising

Aiden Dalley

Sr. Manager, Product Marketing

Digital advertising is a dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape driven by technological advancements, changing consumer behavior, and shifting industry trends. In this busy world, AdRoll stands out among competitors as a trailblazer, offering a range of distinctive features that elevate its services above the rest. 

In this blog, we will explore the remarkable advantages of AdRoll, highlighting our newly launched automation builder, expansive inventory partners, graphic design services, and unwavering commitment to brand safety. Let's delve into how AdRoll is redefining the realm of ad provision.

Automation Builder

Everyone wants to reach their target audience, especially across multiple channels. AdRoll stands out by offering the latest and greatest tool for digital ecommerce marketers of all experience levels, the automation builder. This recently launched tool simplifies the management of multi-channel campaigns by seamlessly managing and launching display ads, social ads, and emails. The automation builder eliminates the need for advertisers to manually manage separate campaigns for each forum, streamlining the entire process and saving valuable time.

Key advantages to automation builder:

  1. Cross-channel optimization: The automation builder optimizes campaigns across multiple channels simultaneously by allowing advertisers to leverage real-time data to make informed decisions about budget allocation, ad placements, and targeting strategies across various platforms, maximizing the overall campaign performance.

  2. Increased campaign flexibility: With the automation builder, advertisers can customize their campaigns based on specific platform requirements or audience preferences. They can tailor ad formats, messaging, and creative elements to optimize performance on each channel while maintaining consistency in their overall marketing strategies.

  3. Seamless enhancement of AdRoll’s suite of tools: AdRoll's automation builder seamlessly enhances our comprehensive suite of marketing and advertising tools. This upgrade provides advertisers with a unified platform to manage their campaigns, access robust targeting options, leverage retargeting capabilities, and utilize other features that enhance overall campaign effectiveness.

Inventory Partners: Enhancing Direct Access and Cost Efficiency

Real-time bidding, facilitated by ad exchanges and sell-side platforms, is how the vast majority of programmatic ad sales are done. Over time, the number of exchanges has exploded as intermediaries seek a slice of the pie via secondary and even tertiary auctions. Buyers of ad impressions lack visibility into these byzantine structures and can easily pay inflated ad costs – or worse, bid against themselves on multiple exchanges – when working with the wrong demand-side platform.

AdRoll sets itself apart by establishing strategic partnerships with twelve ad exchanges, providing immense opportunities for customers. These partnerships enable our customers to access publisher site and app ad inventory directly, bypassing intermediaries and secondary auctions that often drive up advertising costs. By streamlining the supply chain, we can optimize cost efficiency and empower businesses to maximize their advertising budget.

Furthermore, by partnering with multiple ad exchanges, we expand the reach and variety of available inventory for our customers i.e. display, native, video and mobile. Advertisers can tap into various publisher sites and mobile apps, reaching their target audience across different platforms. This breadth of inventory options enables advertisers to execute their campaigns precisely and select the most suitable placements that align with their advertising goals.

While our competitors may tout high counts of supply partners, the true value lies in the quality and uniqueness of these partnerships. AdRoll takes a strategic approach by partnering with exchanges offering exclusive placements, minimizing the risk of advertisers bidding against themselves. Having various supply partners doesn't necessarily equate to an advantage for advertisers. It can, in fact, lead to redundant opportunities where the exact ad placement is available across multiple exchanges.

AdRoll prioritizes the quality and uniqueness of our partnerships to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness for advertisers. By carefully selecting exchanges that offer exclusive placements, we ensure that advertisers can reach their desired audience without engaging in unnecessary bidding wars. This strategic differentiation protects advertisers from additional costs associated with secondary and tertiary auctions, ultimately optimizing their return on investment.

Graphic Design Services: Empowering Creative Expression

AdRoll takes graphic design support to another level by offering customers access to professional human design services every 90 days. This unique offering sets us apart from competitors and provides opportunities to enhance the visual appeal and effectiveness of advertisements.

Signing up with AdRoll unlocks the ability to request a free set of display and native ads in various sizes and a customized Facebook or Instagram ad. This design service goes beyond simply providing pre-made templates; our experienced designers create ads tailored to the advertiser's brand identity.

By understanding each brand's unique characteristics and visual elements, AdRoll ensures that the design of the ads aligns with the advertiser's brand identity and messaging. This level of customization allows us to stand out from competitors who may rely on templated versions that need a more personal touch and overall uniqueness. The professional design services provided by AdRoll result in visually appealing and engaging advertisements. The ads are crafted with attention to detail, incorporating the brand's colors, fonts, and imagery while adhering to industry best practices for effective advertising.

By maintaining brand consistency and incorporating visually striking elements, our design services help businesses create ads that capture attention, evoke emotions, and drive desired actions from the target audience. Moreover, the frequency of design support every 90 days allows advertisers to refresh ad creatives regularly, enabling them to stay relevant, adapt to changing market trends and maintain a dynamic advertising presence.

By offering free and customized design services, we commit to helping businesses maximize the impact of their advertising campaigns. 

Uncompromising Brand Safety: Targeting the Right Audiences

AdRoll is proud of our unwavering commitment to delivering brand-safe advertisements, providing businesses with a reliable platform to reach their ideal prospects and customers across millions of websites and mobile apps. This commitment ensures the effectiveness of ad campaigns and protects the integrity and reputation of the brands that utilize our services.

One of the most prominent aspects of AdRoll's brand safety measures is excluding sites and apps that are non-compliant with advertising policies. AdRoll thoroughly assesses the compliance of publisher sites and mobile apps, ensuring they adhere to industry standards and guidelines. By excluding non-compliant platforms, we minimize the risk of displaying ads on websites or apps that may engage in deceptive or unethical practices, thereby maintaining the trust of advertisers and their target audience.

Additionally, we are vigilant in detecting and preventing invalid traffic and click fraud. By employing advanced technologies and monitoring systems, we identify and filter out traffic that is deemed invalid, such as bot-generated clicks or fraudulent activities. This proactive approach protects advertisers from wasting their budgets on non-human or fraudulent interactions, ensuring that their ad impressions are genuine and reach real users genuinely interested in their offerings.

Furthermore, AdRoll upholds quality standards regarding the sites and apps included in our advertising network, including evaluating content relevance, user experience and engagement metrics. By maintaining high-quality standards, we ensure that advertisers' ads are displayed in a contextually appropriate environment, enhancing the likelihood of capturing the intended audience's attention, and driving meaningful interactions.

By prioritizing brand safety, AdRoll safeguards the reputation and integrity of the brands that rely on our services. Advertisers can have peace of mind knowing that their ads are displayed in a secure and trustworthy environment, free from the risks associated with non-compliant or fraudulent platforms. This security enhances the overall effectiveness of ad campaigns and fosters long-term trust and loyalty between advertisers and their customers.

Benefit From the AdRoll Standard

AdRoll sets a new standard in digital advertising with its unrivaled offerings and commitment to excellence. By providing an automated campaign builder, exclusive inventory partners, professional graphic design services, and a rigorous brand safety approach, AdRoll revolutionizes the digital advertising landscape. Businesses partnering with AdRoll gain access to powerful tools and strategies that optimize campaign efficiency, maximize cost-effectiveness and uphold brand integrity. Experience the difference with AdRoll and unlock the true potential of your advertising endeavors today!